What to Do Around Bonanza

Bonanza Opal Mine is in the heart of wild, rugged country with a wide range of things to see and do. Hundreds of square miles of undeveloped and barely inhabited land surround the Virgin Valley. Nearby towns are small, but they offer a lot of fun and adventure. Historic sites are nearby and geologic formations are what make this entire area so interesting, and they are what give Virgin Valley the color and fire of its precious opals.

There is fishing, hiking, hanggliding, bathing, camping, and lots of exploring to do here. You can make an entire vacation in the Virgin Valley and surrounding areas. It's a great place for families, kids, and grownups. When planning your trip to the valley, be sure to check out the What to Bring page to prepare for the climate and camping in the area.

So, just what can you do besides dig for opals at the Bonanza Opal Mine?

  • Dig for Opals at Bonanza Opal Mine in the Virgin Valley (sorry, we already said that, huh)
  • Hike the 1000 Creek Gorge in the Virgin Valley
  • Explore Virgin Creek
  • Hike Hell Canyon and the confluence of Hell Canyon and Virgin Creek Gorge
  • ATV through the backcountry around Virgin Valley
  • Visit Devaney Camp, Badger Creek, and Catnip Reservoir
  • Fish in the Dufurenna Ponds in the Virgin Valley
  • Bird watch in the Virgin Valley
  • Explore historic Kinney Camp
  • Watch the wild horses, burros and other wildlife in the area
  • Hike to the top of Gooch Table (the mesa above Bonanza Opal Mine)
  • Fish at Big Spring Reservoir
  • Soak in Bog Hot Hot Springs
  • Soak in Alvord Desert Hot Springs
  • Soak in Hart Mountain Hot Springs
  • Visit Mickey Hot Springs (no soaking here; it's too hot)
  • Have a world famous milk shake at Fields, Oregon
  • Enjoy Denio Days in Denio, Nevada (always early June)
  • Drive around Steens Mountain and dangle your feet at the edge of the world at the top
  • Mountain bike Steens Mountain
  • Visit Kiger Gorge on Steens Mountain
  • Hike Big Indian, Little Indian, or Little Blitzen Gorge on Steens Mountain
  • Visit historic French Glen, Oregon at the base of Steens Mountain
  • Visit Diamond Craters near Steens Mountain
  • Try to find the wild Spanish Kiger mustangs near Steens Mountain
  • Visit the Peter French barn near Steens Mountain
  • Bird watch at Malheur Lake National Wildlife Refuge
  • Hike and explore Hart Mountain
  • Mountain bike Hart Mountain
  • Hunt for gems in Hart Mountain
  • Hunt for sunstones in Plush, Oregon
  • Visit the famous Hart Mountain Store in Plush, Oregon
  • Visit Lakeview, Oregon
  • Canoe, kayak, and birdwatch in the Warner Lakes at the base of Hart Mountain
  • Watch the sage grouse, pronghorn antelope, and California mountain sheep on Hart Mountain
  • Visit Petroglyph Lake on Hart Mountain
  • Visit Surprise Valley and soak in Surprise Valley Hot Springs
  • Dig for rainbow obsidian and obsidian needles in Davis Creek, California