Interested in Becoming a Shareholder?

Bonanza Opal Mines, Inc. is owned by shareholders. Some shareholders have shares for sale that you can purchase. When you are a shareholder, you have access to areas of the mine not open to fee diggers. The mine is under the rules of the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration, so there are requirements you must adhere to when you are a shareholder and digging at the mine. Failure to adhere to the rules can result in your digging rights being temporarily or permanently revoked.

All shares are sold privately and individually. The mine officers do not oversee or manage the sales, nor can they or the mine be held liable or responsible for your purchase of shares from another shareholder.

If you are considering being a shareholder, we recommend you visit the mine and ask for details. Then contact a shareholder.

Again, the corporation, officers, and shareholders are not responsible for purchases or activities or outcomes from anyone becoming a shareholder. It is the the prospective shareholder's responsibility to research and understand his/her responsibilities, risks, and any additional fees in becoming a shareholder.